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As an Independent candidate, I don’t have a party machine and I need volunteers to help spread the word and ensure an independent voice represents the Wentworth community.

Here are ways you can help:


Letterbox campaign flyers in your neighbourhood to help raise awareness of the campaign and let people know they can vote for an alternative voice to the major parties. You can help out in your own time and get some exercise, and we'll provide a map and instructions.


Help the campaign message get out to the Wentworth community by sharing my social media pages and live videos. Please promote one of my campaign posters in your business window or front garden. 


Please attend our upcoming fundraising events and contribute to the campaign via the donate button on this website. 


Knock on doors with me to let residents know about my campaign as an Independent candidate in Wentworth and main policy issues. Mostly afternoons and weekends.


There will be between 30-40 venues to vote in Wentworth on election day. We need volunteers at each venue handing out how to vote cards.  

I will try to link volunteers up with personal interests and the things you are passionate about. Please enter your details in the form below, and let me know if you have specific interests.

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