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I am a mother, a business woman, a community organiser and a Wentworth resident. I've led the CLOSEast campaign across this area fighting for a new public high school for the community and I've negotiated with all tiers of government. I've worked collaboratively across political parties and worked tirelessly meeting with State MPs, Councils, Mayors, and planning teams, as well as presenting at local P&Cs, holding community forums, and uniting numerous stakeholders in the interest of local families and residents. As a Director on the Board of Women for Election Australia, I'm fully aware of the challenges facing our country and the steps we need to take to solve them. 

why i'm running in wentworth

I am running because I'm tired of witnessing politicians focussed on attaining more in their career and, in the process, less for the country. I refuse to stand by any longer and watch our current politicians create a society I don't believe in and the only way we can short circuit the current political free-fall is for more moderate, un-aligned people to involve themselves in the political process. I'm done with watching MPs in the major parties vote against their conscience. Party politicians vote for the party. I’ll vote for you, every time.

What We Can Achieve Together
Local Wentworth Issues

Wentworth is an electorate with diverse needs and demographic pressures. Public school capacity and school maintenance backlogs, public transport, private development of public assets and housing pressures are all part of the same issue: out of control over-development favouring vested interests over community interests and failed demographic forecasting.

Parliamentary reform

The current framework for how our Parliament works and how our Parliamentarians conduct themselves is out of step with public expectation. Significant reform must take place to align our political representatives with those they represent.  

Media ownership
Inquiry and reform

Australia currently has the most concentrated media ownership market in the world, which has implications for how politics is reported in this country. We must ensure that media opinion does not unduly influence policy and politics within Australia.

Federal ICAC

Currently there is no federal agency that has the investigative powers or jurisdiction to expose corrupt conduct in the federal government and public sector. For the Federal Government to restore trust, the public must have the belief that when misconduct occurs, it can and will be exposed.


It is incumbent on our political leaders to ensure future generations inherit a safe and clean climate and a vibrant natural world. Australia has the potential to be the world leader in clean energy and we must reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and de-couple powerful vested interests from our political process. I have a Bachelor of Science and did my Honors thesis on stormwater harvesting on industrial sites. I believe in science and evidence-based research and I will promote investment in government bodies that progress our nation.


It is vital that the Wentworth electorate know I have progressive views on schools funding, asylum seekers, tax reform and more. However, unless we concede that the current political process is compromised and make the necessary efforts to fix it, the ability to establish meaningful legislation on issues as diverse as the environment and schools funding is severely compromised.

Only by addressing Parliamentary and Media Reform and establishing a Federal ICAC can we reduce vested interests in our political process. In turn, this re-establishes trust and re-engages the public, ultimately improving the democratic process in Australia.

support licia heath

A huge thank you to all those who provided support throughout the campaign
latest news

Wentworth byelection:

Clover Moore backs Licia Heath in snub to Kerryn Phelps

Thu 27 Sep 2018

Sydney lord mayor’s move threatens to steer independent votes away from high-profile GP and former deputy


Voters loyalties are tested

in unloved by-election

September 28, 2018

LORD mayor Clover Moore has endorsed independent candidate for Wentworth Licia Heath.


Lord Mayor Clover

Moore backs independent Licia Heath for Wentworth

27 September 2018

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore has given high-profile backing to independent candidate for Wentworth...

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